AssertSelectorContains for Laravel

Targeted content assertions using CSS selector expressions

composer require --dev savvywombat/laravel-assert-selector-contains
Latest Version on Packagist Supported PHP Version: 8.1 and newer MIT License GitHub


Laravel's built-in assertSee is useful, but has some limitations:

This package provides a collection of additional assertions available on Laravel's TestResponse to help target specific elements/attributes and improve message on failure.

assertSelectorContains($selector, $value)
assertSelectorDoesNotContain($selector, $value)
assertSelectorAttributeExists($selector, $attribute)
assertSelectorAttributeDoesNotExist($selector, $attribute)
assertSelectorAttributeEquals($selector, $attribute, $value)
assertSelectorAttributeDoesNotEqual($selector, $attribute, $value)

So, if you want to make sure that you are correctly setting the document title:

$response->assertSelectorContains('title', 'Welcome');

If you want to assert that a label has been set for a specific form input:


Or if a specific input has been set with the correct initial value:

$response->assertSelectorAttributeEquals('input[name=display_name]', 'value', 'SavvyWombat');



Use the AssertsWithSelectors trait in your TestCase:

namespace Tests\Feature;

use SavvyWombat\LaravelAssertSelectorContains\AssertsWithSelectors;
use Tests\TestCase;

class ExampleTest extends TestCase
  use AssertsWithSelectors;

  public function testDocumentTitleIsCorrect(): void
    $response = $this->get('/');

    $response->assertSelectorContains('title', 'Welcome');


This package was inspired by a blog post from Liam Hammett:

Laravel Testing CSS Selector Assertion Macros