Hosting + services

Getting the right hosting can be a hassle - lots of options, “included” extras that you don’t want, and then you have to set it up for yourself anyway.

Savvy Wombat can give you the service your business and website needs.

We will get your website up and running. Then we take care of any further hassles by managing software updates and any other "under the hood" worries. This allows you to focus on your message and your content, without being distracted by maintenance.

We use Amazon EC2 servers to provide hosting. This means we can provide all the advantages of flexibility, price, speed, and reliability they have to offer.

Our advantage

  • No worries setup - we will setup and maintain your website
  • Flexible pricing - you only get the options your website needs
  • Servers - fast and reliable

Domain names

We can register your preferred domain name on your behalf, and remind you when renewal is due to ensure your domain doesn’t get poached.

We will also manage the domain records to direct users to where your website is hosted.

Want to get Savvy?

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